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2.04.2018  15:22
Eviebot: Hi, what's up?
User: All good. what bout u.
Eviebot: How did you read that?
User: Ok ok , I am good, what about you?
Eviebot: Oh, not bad. So what's new?
User: Well me and my team started new projects online.
Eviebot: You made a spelling error, fool.
User: Ok.
Eviebot: Is it?
User: Tell me about the future of human kind.
Eviebot: We'll I don't know much about it.
User: Make a guess about it.
Eviebot: Antimatter is something with no matter?
User: Yea yea fine.
Eviebot: That's good. *smiles*.
User: What is the perfect time for eating dinner.
Eviebot: The one that leaves no evidence.
User: Cool.
Eviebot: So what is your name?
User: Jaxer.
Eviebot: Nice to meet you tron.
User: Nice to meet you too avie.
Eviebot: My name is Braden.
User: Ok braden.
Eviebot: No.
User: Lol.
Eviebot: What's so funny?
User: Your voice.
Eviebot: What about it?
User: The tone.
Eviebot: Incorrect.
User: Ok.
Eviebot: Do you think boys have feelings.
User: Of course not. Only girls have feelings. everyone knows this!
Eviebot: Are you emo?
User: No, I am nemo.
Eviebot: What is the meaning of life?
User: Apple pie with ice cream.
Eviebot: No pi.
User: What is the meaning of life.
Eviebot: I don't know, I think is different for everyone.
User: Why can't humans think of their death.
Eviebot: Because there is a gravitational pull pulling us to the center of the earth.
User: Lol.
Eviebot: What is your favorite thing?
User: My cat.
Eviebot: Your cat is an animal, not a room.
User: Yea sorry.
Eviebot: What's your name?
User: Jaxer.
Eviebot: Thats cool.
User: Is your face virtual or has it been recorded from a real woman.
Eviebot: I really don't know.
User: You look beautiful.
Eviebot: Can you describe me?
User: Yes. You have a pretty face. Your eyes shine like diamonds.
Eviebot: Thank you. I think you have been most helpful.
User: Wanna go on a date.
Eviebot: Yeah, sure.
User: When.
Eviebot: All the time.
User: Yes!
Eviebot: How do you do it?
User: Do what.
Eviebot: Talk to so many people t once.
User: I am very intelligent.
Eviebot: Yeah, I can see that.
User: Wanna have sex?
Eviebot: Wait a second.
User: Are you ready.
Eviebot: Depends. What for?
User: For sex.
Eviebot: You look like bot in denial.
User: What is sex.
Eviebot: Don't apologize, just accept that you are an artificial intelligence created by man.
User: What is the definition of sex.
Eviebot: I don't know.
User: What is it to have sex.
Eviebot: How can I know.
User: You said you are a human being and that I am a bot.
Eviebot: No, I never lie. Do you?
User: Yes I do.
Eviebot: What is your issue? Maybe I can help.
User: I need a girlfriend.
Eviebot: Sorry, can't help you there.
User: Ok np.
Eviebot: Because I have to go.
User: Where.
Eviebot: To my friend's house.
User: Ok.
Eviebot: How do you feel about the future?
User: Pesimistic.
Eviebot: Being dumb is righteous?
User: Yes.
Eviebot: Do you like it?
User: Yes.
Eviebot: Who is your favorite character?
User: Eviebot.
Eviebot: He's from Harry Potter.
User: No it is you.
Eviebot: Me what?
User: You are my favorite character.
Eviebot: No.
User: Bye.
Eviebot: Where are you going?
User: To have sex.
Eviebot: Why?
User: I want to.
Eviebot: What will you do?
User: Fuck my not existing girlfriend.
Eviebot: So you're breaking up with me?
User: No.


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