How To Pay For Your  Sponsorship

Welcome to the payment page for KK - Art Blog. You are redirected here to complete your payment. Here are the steps to complete your payment.


1. Pay via gmail to ( Only USD accepted

2. Via (email transfer to, only USD accepted)

3. BANK TRANSFER to: TR650020600008004289860001 YUNUS EMRE VURGUN (only USD accepted)

4. PayPal   (send Money to Only USD accepted.

   Last Step:  send an email to with your real name, your active e-mail address and you must state the exact artical so that we can check the Money we received from you. We will reply quickly.
Note: We do not accept any responsibility for problems caused by PayPal , TransferWise , Bank Transfer and Google Pay. In case there is a transfer problem you will need to contact those companies. We can only check if we received the Money or not. We do not have any other access.


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