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Use the ACCELERATE button to stay in the air
How long can you stay alive?
-------------------------------- https://github.com/jakesgordon/javascript-tower-platformer.git ------------- Play Snake Game

Play Snake Game

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Simple Snake Game

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- You are a bat, who loves to eat pumpkin. But there doesn't seem to be any. However there are pumpkin seed remains that lie underground. You also see candy! And of course you want that. Just one thing. So do ghosts.
- Click on a block to break it and clear a path and use the arrow keys to move the bat. You only get 15 breaks per level. check the far right number. But you can press space to use some of your 10 TNTs to burst blocks out of the way.
- Collect all the candies on the level to advance. Avoid the ghosts and get the highscore.

Notlar ve Takdirler

- @ToadfanSchool kind of inspired me to break out of my OCD and pursue a new game style, so kudos to him. Also our collaboration is almost done!

- All art and coding by me! @ProbabIy_Not

- Music: This Is Halloween ( 8 - Bit ). #3 On Trending

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