Rackoon48 Meme Commentary

Welcome to Yunus Blog's Rackoon48 Meme Commentary page! In this page I will try to make some commentary on my favorite memes on the internet. I am planning to update this page as I make new commentaries.

The first meme I would like to comment about is this one:

Pin on LOL

This is a pretty funny meme actually. Even before this pandemic there was a beer brand named "corona" so it makes sense to me. It is quite funny though.

The second meme I find funny is this one:

Scientists want you to send them your dankest coronavirus memes

This meme is really funny too indeed. I am pretty sure this will be the situation if we can survive this pandemic alive. This is me as a grandpa most probably.

The third meme I would like to share with you is this one:

20 all-too-relatable memes for those who love to travel but are ...

This one is pretty funny too because this person in the meme is travelling but saying she is poor. How is it possible to be poor and travel at the same time right? Ops, I hear some noises... What is it?
I can travel with no money? Who says it? ? Ok I see these everyday. lol.

So the 4th (and so on) meme will come soon I am going to pick a new one and share with you guys here on this page of our blog. If you liked it then thumbs up? Oh wait this isn't youtube right ok. So if you like please share it with your friends and family and you will find the 4th post sometime soon right below here:

4th post soon.


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